$399/Hourly/Packages for your wedding films and special events. Ask for our 6 camera multiple camera production. Creativity and passion describes our cinematography style capturing your wedding film or event since 2003.  Your best  source for cinematic wedding films. A&E is setting the pace as the best wedding fim makers and wedding photographers in Sacramento. Engagement or save the date photo packages are part of our wedding photography packages when you come in for a free consultationIf you are looking for creative and impressive wedding / event films, then you’ve come to the right place. Prepare to be impressed! A&E has you covered! We are the best wedding photographers, Videographers & Cinematographers for your wedding photography and wedding films in Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Granite bay, Yuba City, San Jose, Hayward, Mountain View, Elk Grove, Loomis, Davis, Napa, Fairfield, Benicia, and North Hollywood, CA. Your wedding will be filmed to look & feel like hollywood films. Wedding film packages starts at $2999. Please scroll to bottom for FAQ and more details.

Enjoy watching our samples. CLICK HERE FOR WEDDING PHOTO SAMPLES

We produce creative love story films. Enjoy creativity and creative video editing. What this powerful Love Story sample produced for Sandra & Kevin

Watch their captivating love story.

Congratulations on your wedding. We are delighted you considered us to film your wedding. With over 25 years experience, we have shot small wedding films to big half a million dollar wedding films. Most clients prefer a consultation for a customized package to suit their specific wedding/event need and budget. When are you ready to come in for a free consultation?   Click here to CONTACT US us for a free consultation.

FAQ: What are your prices & packages? If you just need cinematography for a small wedding or event,  hourly rates starts as low as $299/hour first Camera and $199/hour for the second camera and  $150/ hour for the third camera; three hours minimum. Includes professional editing of a 30 minute film on one Blu-ray Master & OneMaster DVD.  Read more details below.

Your best option is to come in for a free half hour consultation so that we can discuss and offer our customized wedding film packages starting from $2999  Two camera coverage.  Up to 6 hours coverage. Includes editing. Delivery format: free digital format delivery. Client provides a portable hard drive. Blu-ray delivery: Blu-ray Disc in retail packaging are $150 each and DVDs are $100 each.

WEDDING FILMS HOURLY RATE: starts at 299/hour for the First Camera. and $199 for the second Camera and $150 Optional for a 3rd camera and Operator

Hourly rate is a minimum 3 hours: $299 for each additional hour if applicable. Editing and delivery cost extra $79.99  depending on what the Client wants edited and delivery format. Free digital format delivery. Just provide a portable hard drive. Blu-ray delivery: same as prices below.

Our Basic Wedding Film Packagestarts at $2999: You get 2 Cameras, 2 Operators,  6 hour coverage and $299 for each additional hour if applicable. DELIVERY: You get a 30 minutes edited film delivered on Blu-ray in Retail packaging. Additional Blu-ray Disc in retail packaging are $150 each and DVDs are $100 each.

Please make an appointment for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss a customized wedding film package for your specific wedding film needs. You can upgrade to a 3, 4, 5 and up to a 6 camera coverage package.

Optional aerial coverage: starting at $399 for  10 minutes of aerial coverage. $100 for each addition 5 minutes. 

Cinematic Trailer or Short wedding Film editing $999: This is a 3-5 minute cinematic film trailer highlighting your wedding day(s). This film is a keep sake for your children for generations to come and perfect for sharing online with family and friends. Posted online after editing.

Love Story Slideshow:This is an editing is a 5-8 minutes slide show of the couple growing up photos only. The cost of a Photo Slideshow DVD Starts at $299 for 60 photos includes the first Master DVD.  Extra $100 for each additional 25 photos you add to your slide show.  Additional DVD copies are $19.99 each in DVD C shells.  Projection cost is extra $ 699 for a Projection package which includes a Projector standard screen, blu-ray player and sound system. We project your love story on standard projector screen for your guest to watch and enjoy. The big and impressive 14 feet wide by 10 feet tall (viewable area) is extra $350. It is a big indoor out door front and rear projection screen.

Love Story Slideshow & Documentary Film: $1599  Besides just a photo Slideshow, this is a short documentary love story film that we discuss, shoot and edit the film before your wedding day.  We direct and interview the couple separately and edit creative edit the film and incorporate the slideshow as the love story samples on our website.  Starting at $299  for 60 photos. Extra 100.00 for each additional 25 photos for your slide show. The editing is a 5-12 minutes story of your love story and slide show of the couple growing up. Your wedding guests will enjoy getting to know you as a couple and your unique love story at your wedding reception.  

Projection Package: $699 for a Projection package. We project your love story on big screen with stunning HD clarity and sound for your guest to watch, enjoy, cry and laugh. This is our favorite part of the wedding ceremony

Movie Screen Packages: starts from $299 depending on the size of the projection screen you choose.  Screens available up to 14 feet wide by 10 feet high. Package includes Projector, screen, Blu_ray player. PA sound system with wired microphone extra $199

Additional Cinematographers: $150/ hour for the third and fourth camera recommend for bigger events of 300 or more guests. This allows us to capture more angles of your event and more importantly, more shots of your wedding guests.You will get a better edited film.

Optional: “same day editing” additional $1500. 

Optional Live streaming: Additional $2500 and projection of your ceremony film at your reception.  Imagine the excitement with your guests!


Master Retail Blu-ray Delivery: $199:

RAW Footage: $500; a hard drive full of all the raw footage we captured on your wedding days. Unedited. up to 1 TB hard drive included.

Additional Blu-ray copy: $150 each Retail ready Blu-ray Case

 DVDs in Retail DVD case. $100 each

Travel Fee and Expenses Extra: if our crew has to travel to film your weddings out of town or out of Northern California.In order to customize a package for your wedding or event, we need to know your wedding/event date and location and please let us know which of the following options should be included in your customized wedding/event cinematography package quote:

(1) Inquire if our crew is available for your wedding or event? (2)  Should your customized wedding cinematography package include your Love Story Film? (3) Is your Wedding an Indoor or Outdoor Event during the day or at night? (4) What is the lighting and ambient sound like for picture and sound recording at the ceremony and reception?(5) Should we include the cost of editing your Wedding/Event Trailer? (6) Have you considered “our same day editing” live streaming and projection of your ceremony film at your reception? (7) Should we include the cost of extra Blu-ray disc copies? (8) When and Where is your Wedding  Rehearsal? For Events when can we do a  pre setup and test if possible? (9) On your wedding day where will the Bride & Groom be getting ready? (10) Who is your DJ & Event Planner? (11) Finally, what is your budget so we can customize a package for your specific wedding/event budget?

 Please consider a free consultation. When are you ready to come in for a free consultation?   Click here to CONTACT US  for a free consultation.

If we are available to film your event, upon signing the agreement, we require a non refundable 50% retainer deposit (based on the cost of your customized package) to book solid and lock in the date. 25% is due to start editing and 25% due upon completion of editing.

We book fast so we advice you to book solid at least 4 – 6 months in advance. Thank you for considering and trusting us to film your wedding or event. We are honored! On behalf of the entire crew I want to say congratulations again! We serve you with joy, passion, honesty and integrity and we look forward to serving you soon.


Emmanuel Bernard N.