Post Production

Video editing in 4K, 6k, HD or authoring Blu-Ray discs authoring in 1080p is our passion since 2003. Choose A&E and work with the best Video Editor in Sacramento, San Francisco and North Hollywood, CA. We offer up to 6 camera fly pack live productions with computer input for multi – camera Production. Hire our Director / Technical Director, audio and light package and fast delivery with 5 to 7 business days starting at $9999. We offer 4K / HD Video editing, Blu-ray Disc Authoring, DVD Authoring and DVD Duplication in Sacramento, San Francisco and North Hollywood. WE ARE SACRAMENTO’S BEST VIDEO, DVD, CD, AUDIO, FILM, PHOTO, TRANSFER SERVICE. Transfer, Digitize, Duplicate CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, Convert, Edit, all Formats of Video Tape; home movies, prosumer, professional and Broadcast analog and digital format tapes. Foreign video: PAL to NTSC, DVCam, 3/4 inch or U-matic, Projector Film:  Regular 8mm film, Super 8mm film, 16mm silent film. 16mm optical sound film,  16mm magnetic sound films, 35mm slides, negatives, etc. We transfer all 8mm films, 16mm films, all High definition video and standard definition video formats to Hard drive, Blu-ray disc or DVD or Flash drives.. Transfer Audio Tapes, Vinyl Records, Reel to Reel, 8 Track to CD or Digital Files on Flsh drives in Sacramento, San Francisco, N. Hollywood,  Roseville, Davis, Folsom, Davis, Fairfield, Elk Grove, Stockton, Tracy, Auburn, Mountain View, Hayward, San Jose and Fremont, CA.

We offer professional Live streaming service with single or multiple-camera live switching.  HD and 4K, 6K  video production and editing in Sacramento, CA, San Francisco, CA and North Hollywood. We edit your webex and zoom zoom video conferencing recordings. We edit TV Shows, Feature Films, Documentaries, Music videos and creatively color correct your footage and stunning animations, effects, narrations and graphics to enhance your video, film, raw video footage or home videos for personal or broadcast use. Our HD video editing is affordable at $79.99 per hour (3 hours minimum by appointments M -F 9:00 am to 6:00pm and Sat. 10:00am to 4:00pm. We offer emergency editing services to meet deadlines. Please call to discuss our emergency 24 hour video editing rates in Sacramento, CA Basic Video Editing Rates Include: Intro title, background music, basic transitions and credits only. Extra cost varies for: Voice over, Scripts, Audio enhancements, Animations, Color grading, Motion graphics & Visual effects. We can transfer DVR or Security camera videos to DVD / Blu-ray in Sacramento, San Francisco and North Hollywood, CA.Enjoy lens and camera rental, Blu-ray, DVD and CD Duplication in Sacramento, San Francisco, Roseville, Folsom, Fairfield and Mountain view, Ca.




Professional Video Editing / DVD & Blu-ray Authoring in Sacramento, San Francisco & north Hollywood

 $69.99/Hr. SD HD $79.99/Hr. (Reg. $99.00/hour) 3 hours minimum for video Editing and 3 hours minimum for DVD or Blu-ray Authoring One hour or less with up to 4 chapters Addition sub menus / chapters are $25.00 each.

THESE VIDEO FORMATS:  Transfer Hi8, Video 8, Mini DV, SVHS, VHSC, or VHS  Video to DVD. Transfer camcorder video on internal hard drive to Blu-ray or DVD



BETA, BETA SP, DIGITAL BETACAM, HDV, HDCAM, DVCPRO, Umatic  tapes capture to hard drive (H.264) or transfer to DVD in Sacramento, San Francisco and North Hollywood, CA


$19.99/30 mins or less, 60mins – $39.99; 90mins – $59.99; 120mins – $80 . USB 3.1 Flash drives starting at $19.99 for 32GB, $39,99 for 64GB. Extra DVD copies (less than 10 copies less than 30 minutes) $12.00 each with work order.  Straight transfer prices based on per tape; per disc and video length.

PROFESSIONAL FORMATS RATES: Transfer to ProRes 4.2.2. Transfer DVC pro, DVCAM, HDV, 3/4 inch or U-matic tape, all 24p and 30p tapes transfer  to .mov digital file, ProRes or DVD. Transfer  Beta SP, Betacam SX, MPEG IMX, Digital Betacam to digital files or DVD. Transfer  Beta SP, DVC Pro, Betacam SX, MPEG IMX or Digital Betacam to ProRes 4.2.2  in Sacramento, San Francisco and North hollywood, CA


  1:00 to 15 mins = $49.99, 16 to 30 mins = $59.99, 31 to 60mins = $79.99, 61 to 90 mins = $99.99,  91 to 120 mins = $129.99 

Professional capture  Supports 4:2:2 color sampling for superior green screen and color correction performance. We can deliver ProRes files 4.2.2

PROFESSIONAL HD TAPE DIGITIZING: DVC Pro tapes, DVC Pro HD tapes, HDCAM tapes to ProRes 4.2.2 HQ, digital file .

1:00 to 15 mins = $59.99, 16 to 30 mins = $69.99  31 to 60mins = $89.99, 61 to 90 mins =$109.99 and 91 to 120 mins = $139.99 

  HDV tapes transfer to HD 4.2.2  files, .mov HD, MPEG 4, H264, Conversions in Sacramento & San Francisco

 Starting at $79.99/ hour for High Definition file capture. HDV 720p, HDV 24p, MiniDV 24p tapes: Starting at $125 / /hour
PAL HDV / DV tapes tarting at $99.99/ hour for High Definition file capture.
CD Authoring
 CD Authoring $39.99/hour.
Enjoy  fast CD/DVD Duplication  in Sacramento.
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Transfer Reel to Reel Audio tape, Audio Cassettes, Vinyl Records to CD. Transfer  8 Track tape  transfer to CD in Sacramento, San Francisco & N. Hollywood
 Starting at $39.99/60mins or less;  $49.99/90mins 120mins   / $59.99 Rates based on audio/video length per tape.

DAVINCI RESOLVE, 4, 5 & 6K 4K UHD & HD Video Editing: Adobe CS6 in Sacramento Final Cut Pro  Editing Suites.   Rent our 24 hour HD Edit bay by appointment.

*Competitive Rates! Fast Editors &  NLE Editing Bay.  Faster Turn Around Time! SAME DAY SERVICE EXTRA!


Basic Package: up to 20 minutes – $99.99

Up to 30 minutes – $125.00 

Plus Package: up to 60 minutes – $159.99 

Premium  package: Movies up to 90 minutes – $199.99

Up to 120 minutes – $299.00

Extra charge for all blank blu-ray (BD-R) and cases. Includes High Definition Encoding, Auto Play with optional Auto Loop, Picture Encoding in MPEG-2 HD, H.264, H.265, ProRes 4:2:2, ProRes 4:4:4 codec. One Audio Track (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo) and output to a single layer 25GB /50GB Blu-ray disc.  

Above prices are for single  layer Blu-ray discs only. Turn around time: Approx. 2-5 days for up to 250 discs;3-5 days for 250 – 500 discs depending on our work load.  

Blu-ray disc inserts or sleeves design starting at: $49.99 per hour


 Additional 25% charge of total work order.

Blu-ray disc transfer/convert to ProRes file 4.2.2 : 1 – 20 Minutes $60.00 and $2.00 per additional minute .

LATEST TECHNOLOGY: Up convert your analog video tapes signal to 1920 X1080P HD 3840 X2160p UH and up to Full 4K DCI 4096x2160P starting at 1min to 15 minutes HD- $79.99  4K -$105; 15 – 30 mins HD = $105 4K $135;  31 to 45mins HD = $130  4K- $155;  46 mins – 60mins HD = $155 4K $180. We deliver your UDH and 4K footage on USB flash or thumb drive 3.2 $19.99 (32GB) or portable external hard drive for  extra $99.99 for the Hard drive. We can deliver your HD footage an authored Blu-ray disc up to 1 hour BD $349. 90 minutes BD $399. 2 Hours  BD $499 for Master Blu-ray disc.

Same day VHS, Hi 8 Mini DV and video tape digitizing and editing in Sacramento, CA for smartphone videos for Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo and any social media platform. Digitize or transfer VHS tape to DVDs or mp4 digital files on thumb / flash drive.  Ask about video restoration in Sacramento, Ca.  We transfer, digitize or convert VHS tapes, VHS-C tapes Mini DV, Hi 8 video tapes and Video 8 tapes to digital .mp4 files, on USB flash drive, portable hard drive or DVDs in Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom,  Grass Valley, Davis, Stockton, Tracy , Fairfield, Vallejo, Benicia, Oakland, Hayward, San Josem San Francisco and North Hollywood, CA. Starting at $19.99. We restore your precious Video Tapes: broken, stiff or slightly damaged. Labor starts at $59.99/hr, half hour minimum  Capture, transfer or convert DVC pro tapes to digital files  Pro Res Digital files or DVDs  Capture, transfer Umatic, Umatic SP or 3/4 inch to digital files or DVD, transfer Digital Betacam, Beta SP tapes to broadcast digital files  pro res HQ 4;2;2; Capture, transfer, or convert Betacam SP tape transfer to apple ProRes 4;2;2 HQ, digital files.

Transfer VHS Tapes, Films, Slides, Audio cassettes and reel to reel audio tapes and photos to Digital on USB thumb or flash drive in Sacramento. A&E is the fastest (and safest) way to digitize your home videos, photos, and film so you can share and watch them online. Considering each120 minutes VHS tape can run from a few minutes to up to 6 hours per tape (if full) depending on the speed at which the tape was recorded.  Example: an SP (standard play) VHS tape may run up to 120 minutes.  An  LP (long play) tape may run up to 4 hours and an EP (extended play) recorded VHS tape can run up to 6 hours if full.  VHS to digital format cost depends on the length of video on each tape and the digital format preferred as shown below: 

VHS tape transfer to digital files —  $ 39.99/hour prorated . No tax. Delivered on Client’s portable hard drive Example 10 minutes will be prorated at $9.98 No Tax 

VHS tape transfer to DVDs Less than 30 minutes $19.99 + tax for the Master DVD.

Blu-ray disc transfer / convert to ProRes file 4.2.2 : 1 – 20 Minutes $40.00 and $2.00 per additional minute . Less than 60 minutes $ 24.99; Less than 90 minutes $ 29.99; Less than 120 minutes $ 39.99 Additional copies $9.99 each + tax. Turn around time 5 to 7 business days depending on work load.  *SAME DAY SERVICE AVAILABLE All work done here in house. We do not ship your tapes out of state or to India. 

We look forward to serving you. Studio Rental & Equipment Rental Services in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, North Hollywood, SanJose, Hayward, fairfield, vallejo, Davis, Folsom, Roseville, Granite bay, Tracy, Modesto, Stockton and elk grove ca. Enjoy Free consultations and estimates.  Our services include: HD video production, photography & video equipment rental, professional video editing, dvd and blu-ray disc authoring service, Hi 8 , Video 8, Slides, 8mm  video, VHS tape transfer to DVD or digital files. A&E Digital Productions has over 23 years as a Sacramento premier production, post production, event and your one stop shop  for Wedding Video production, Wedding Photographers, Cinematographers and HD Video Production Company Serving Sacramento, Northern and Southern California based in Sacramento Serving Southern & Northern California ( based in Sacramento) and Northern Nevada (Reno) with production services since 2003.