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HD/4K quality 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film transfer service since 2003. We offer the best telecine 8mm film transfer, Super 8 film transfer, 16mm film transfer to dvd or hard drive in Sacramento, San Francisco and North hollywood. Same day 8mm film, Super 8 film and 16mm film transfer service available in Sacramento, CA. Enjoy full 4K and 4K UHD, or Full 1080P HD quality Super 8 film transfer to dvd in sacramento, San Francisco and North Hollywood . Try the best 16mm optical sound, 16mm magnetic sound and 16mm silent film transfer service in Sacramento, CA, San Francisco and North Hollywood, CA. We offer same day / rush service super 8 film transfer to DVD or digitize to portable hard drive in Sacramento, CA, 8mm film transfer to DVD or mp4 digital files on USB flash drive or portable hard drive in Sacramento, CA. We digitize and transfer 16mm films to DVD, mp4 or .mov digital files on USB flash drive or Blu-ray Disc or hard drive in Sacramento, CA.

Ask for 4K quality digitizing which is the highest telecine transfer quality followed by premium 1080P HD quality film transfer service we do that sets us apart from the rest. We transfer 8mm films, Super 8 films and 16mm films to DVD, Blu-ray disc and deliver hd files on portable external hard drive or USB 3.1, or USB 3.2 flash drives. We transfer super 8 sound films and 16mm magnetic films and 18mm optical sound films to Blu-ray discs, HD files on hard drive,  USB 3.2 flash drives or DVD in Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, Rocklin, San Francisco, North Hollywood,Tracy, Modesto, Stockton, Granite Bay, Mountain View, Hayward, Auburn, Fairfield, San Jose, Los Angeles and North Hollywood  CA. We have SIMPLY THE BEST QUALITY IN TOWN! Compare our quality with others. ALL FILMS ARE DONE IN HOUSE! RUSH SERVICE OR SAME DAY SERVICE AVAILABLE! 

PREMIUM 1080P HD SAMPLE We are professionals in film and television with over 23 years experience. We have mastered this stuff! When you are ready to do it right, please call us for PREMIUM HIGH DEFINITION 1080P! If you can find a website with same or better quality in town charging less, you will earn a 10% discount. 

Telecine Capture with Professional full frame 1080P Camcorder and Pro lenses

FILM TRANSFER RATES: FREE SETUP FOR 1200 FEET OR TRANSFERS OVER $300.00  SETUP FEE: $39.99 adjusted to meet minimum service order of $150.00 service  Minimum order: 600 feet of the same film format or $150.00. RATES:  $0.35 cents per foot for silent 8mm, Super8 and 16mm films in 1080p HD. $ 0.45 cents per foot for Super8 sound and 16mm optical sound films in 1080p HD. $0.60 cents per foot for 16mm optical sound films in 4k UHD (3840 x 2160 ProRes 4.2.2 HQ) $0.75 cents/foot for Full / True 4K 4096 x 2304 ProRes 4.2.2 HQ for silent 8mm films, Super 8 and 16mm films. $0.85 cents per foot for full 4K for Super 8 Sound and 16mm Optical Sound Films. $0.99 Cents per foot for 4K and full 4K 16mm magnetic sound films. $2.50 per new splice. Extra $0.10 cents for wet gate transfer. $0.5 cents per foot for film cleaning.

16mm Magnetic Sound FILMS: Setup fee $79.99

Film Cleaning / Dirty Films: $0.05 cents/footIf your films are dirty, smell like vinegar or not in closed cans, the films must be cleaned prior transfer. If your films are shrunk, warped or damaged, an extra charge of $0.10 to $0.20 cents applies after inspection depending on how much damage has occurred.

SAME DAY/ RUSH SERVICE:25% additional charge for Silent Films and 35% additional service charge for total service order. 

Rush / Same Day Service Available. UPGRADE TO 4K QUALITY! All work is done locally.

MASTER: All films are transferred in True 4K, 4K UHD or 1080p ( PREMIUM HD ProRes 4;2’2)   $79.99 for widescreen Master DVD  with menu & up to 4 chapters. $12.00 for each additional DVD copy less than 60 mins; $15.00 per copy less than 61 to 120 minutes  $149.99 for Master Blu-ray Disc per 900 feet.  $49.99 for each Blu-ray copy. Blu ray retail Case $2.49. DVD retail Case $1.99 each.  DVD C shells $1.50 each. White sleeves $0.25cents. Color Blu-ray Disc inserts and DVD inserts $1.99 each with design service order starting at $49.99 or more.  HD FILM FILES: ProRes  files  You can have your HD film files in HD files or ProRes 4:2:2 .mov on a portable external hard drive ( portable external hard drives starting at $99.99 for 1TB)  Use VLC player or Quicktime player to playback your HD and 4k  files. Enjoy projector rentals from A&E 8mm, super 8 and 16mm film projector rentals. Ask about Blu-ray, DVD and CD Duplication in Sacramento, San Francisco, Roseville, Folsom, Fairfield and Mountain view, Ca.

TERMS*  Straight 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film transfer to digital files or DVDs will not automatically fix picture & sound issues. Extra video editing labor charge $69.99/Hr  (for SD) and $79.99/Hr for HD files applies for picture improvement and color correction. Extra charge for Audio editing, sound improvement, sound restoration, audio engineering & sweetening where applicable starting at $59.99 per hour labor charge. 3 hours minimum charge. Some, not all sound issues can be restored to perfection. Results will vary depending on shooting skill (exposure) age and condition of the film. We perform a sample test of “before & after” for our Clients to decide if they like the results before we accept your sound improvement project.  Please watch premium HD sample then  call and make a drop off appointment or  mailing options for your films, DVDs and cassettes. Most jobs take 5 to 7 business days turn around time. Wh off same day service!

WE ARE SACRAMENTO’S & NORCAL BEST VIDEO, DVD, CD, AUDIO, FILM, PHOTO, TRANSFER SERVICE. Transfer, Duplicate, Convert, Edit, All Formats of Video Tape, Foreign Film, PAL to NTSC, DVCam, 3/4 Umatic, Projector Film – Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm optical sound, 35mm slides etc. We transfer all 8mm films, 16mm films all High definition video and standard definition video formats to Hard drive, Blu-ray disc or DVD. Transfer Audio Tapes, Vinyl Records, Reel to Reel, 8 Track to CD or Digital Files in Sacramento VHS TRANSFER to DVD CONVERSIONS & RESTORATION  We transfer or convert VHS tapes, Mini DV, Hi 8, Beta, Beta SP, DVCAM, HDV & Video 8 to DVD. Starting at $19.99. We can restore your precious video tapes: broken, stiff or slightly damaged. Labor starts at $59.99/hr, half hour minimum.


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