Internships/Crew/Talent, Host and Acting opportunities for aspiring and experienced professionals since 2003.  Be an Intern in our next TV Show now pre-production.  If you like what you see, read further for more details.

PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Here (if available) you will find current openings, college jobs and more. We have been in business since 2003 and love what we do and so should you. Please note; many are called but few are chosen. Your work must be same or better to join our crew

 JOIN US AS A PRO OR INTERN: Okay, you have seen our portfolio and like what you see right? Fabulous! Now, you’d like to join us right? Okay, are you a seasoned Media Specialist or Account Executive? If so take a look at “OPPORTUNITY” below.

Are you a Film or Video Professional? We hire experienced Actors, Talents, Host, Extras and Models for our projects and film productions.  Send your resume via email Please include your demo reel.

PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS (PA) WANTED – (1099 – Contract Gig – Each Production)

Production Assistants are the foot soldiers of a film or television or video production crew, performing small but important tasks in the office, around the set and on location. Their duties may involve anything from office administration to crowd control, and from public relations to cleaning up locations. Production Assistants are usually employed on a freelance basis and their hours are long and irregular. However, the work is usually extremely varied and provides a good entry level role into the film industry. A Production Assistant  supports the Producer or Director. They get the cast, crew and set ready for each day’s shoot.  They help clearly communicate instructions from the director to the cast and crew. Transporting equipment. Driving talent and crew. Supporting crew members on set. Preparing and packing items. Handling production paperwork. Protecting the “closed set” from the public (lock down) and cleaning the set.

Responsibilities: Production Assistants are deployed by the producer and by other film/television production staff, such as the production coordinator, to assist wherever they are needed on productions. Their responsibilities vary considerably. In the production office duties typically include: assisting with answering telephones, filing paperwork and data entry, arranging lunches, dinners, and transportation reservations, photo copy and distribute production and general office administration and  paperwork.

On set duties: typically include: acting as a courier, helping to keep the set clean and tidy and distributing call sheets, health and safety notices, and other paperwork. On location shoots, Production Assistants may also be required to help to coordinate the extras, and to perform public control duties, except where this work is dangerous, or performed by police officers or other official personnel.

Skills: Production Assistants must be flexible and well organized, and be able to think on their feet. They should be able to relay messages quickly and accurately, while paying due regard to the need for silence when on set. They should have strong verbal and written communication skills, be able to take orders, and to show tact towards those in positions of authority and greater responsibility. They must be punctual and enthusiastic, and understand the importance of taking detailed notes and recording expenditure accurately. They should be level headed and able to work calmly and effectively under pressure.  Production Assistants must be able to contribute to good working relationships, and create a positive atmosphere on the production. They should have good secretarial skills, and be computer literate in standard word processor, spreadsheet and email programs. They should also be aware of health and safety issues, and ensure that their actions do not constitute a risk to themselves or to others. Production Assistants who understand no smoking, alcohol or weed prior, during or after production days is important and high preferred. 

Qualifications/Experience: Enthusiasm and attention to detail and a positive attitude  are considered more important than experience.  This is a very popular area of work. A good education is a definite advantage. College and other training in media courses provide a suitable background. Some experience in high school or college broadcasting, Video production or Communication Studies in Media Major students, film making students, is also an advantage. Knowledge of the film, television and video production industry lingo/terms preferred. If you have experience working on Film and TV Sets as a PA, describe your roles / positions and three verifiable professional references.  Include PA in the subject lineSend your resume via email

TV Talents, Host, TV Reporters and Broadcast Professionals welcome!  Send your resume via email Please include your demo reel, rates and three verifiable professional references.Actors, welcome! Use this link  Send your resume via email Please include your demo reel. If you are a Pro Cinematographer, your work must be same or better than what you see on our website,  Send your resume via email Please include your demo reel, hourly, half & full day rates. We offer new or aspiring Models / Actors /Talents  acting portfolio / reel for an affordable rate.

If you are an Experienced Model use this link  Send your resume via email  and send a link to your portfolio, rates and verifiable professional references. Pro Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist, use this link  Send your resume via email  and include MUA/HS in the subject line, a link to your website, portfolio, rates and 3 verifiable professional references.

If you are an actor, film or video professional, take a look at “PROFESSIONALS / JOIN US”  below.

Are you fresh out of film or photography school and eager to enter and gain more experience in “the real world” as an Intern? If so, take a look at our internship requirements. Thank you for your interest in joining us!


PHOTOGRAPHER: (1099) Meet Monthly Quota. Generous 45% Commission

Location: US – CA – Sacramento, San Jose, North Hollywood and San Francisco, CA

Independent Contractor (1099):  Full-Time or Part-Time.

INDUSTRY: Still Photography (Studio, Location including Wedding, Event, Commercial, Fashion), Multimedia.

QUALIFICATION:  2 years experience as a professional Photographer with a compelling portfolio and Photo editing and photo manipulation skills.

IF INTERESTED:  Apply and include three professional and three personal references. All six references must be verifiable. Send your resume via email and Include “Photographer” on the subject line.


Base Pay – Meet Monthly Quota. Base Pay Starting at: $1500 +10% Commission

Location: US – CA – Sacramento, San Jose, North Hollywood and San Francisco, CA

Independent Contractor (1099):  Full-Time or Part-Time.

INDUSTRYFilm, Television, Video Production, Photography (Event, Commercial, Fashion), Multimedia and Audio Visual Services


  •  New acquisition sales of A&E Digital Productions, LLC HD Video Production, Film / Cinematography, Television, Photography (Event, Commercial, Fashion), Multimedia and Equipment Rental Services to individuals, families, small and mid-size businesses.
  •  Promote local awareness of A&E Digital Productions, LLC services.
  • Remain knowledgeable of A&E Digital Productions, LLC website, products and services to facilitate sales efforts. and maintain accurate sales records and sales leads each month for commission pay out.
  • Adherence to all company standards and business professionalism.
  • Consistent time management and performance with little supervision.


Education: AA, B.A. or B.S. Degree preferably in Business or Media Sales and Marketing, or the equivalent in work experience.  Two or more years of business-to-business outside sales experience with proven success.   Experience in solution selling video, film, photography, film, video, audio transfers / conversions, audio visual setup and rental, multimedia, DVD/CD/Data, blu-ray authoring, duplication, Film and video production, post production and equipment rental services.  Self starter with excellent time management and business sales skills.  Technical aptitude and strong knowledge of computers and the Internet Previous Media Sales experience preferred but not a must. Very flexible hours and position. Easily work from anywhere with a phone and computer anytime.

  •  Maintain A&E DIGITAL PRODUCTIONS, LLC existing accounts and generate new Clients and accounts by introducing and cross selling our products and services to existing Clients, Individuals, Families and Businesses.
  • You will be provided with a list of potential leads.
  • Reliable transportation, good communication skills, a computer with internet connection, a phone, neat professional appearance, a positive “can do” attitude and a determination to succeed is essential.
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills, effective presentation, organizational, self discipline and time management skills.
  • Very generous commission only. Compensation based on 10% commission in 1st month; 12% in 2nd month and 15% in 3rd month of total dollar amount you generate before taxes and less the cost of materials. (Please note:  Phone book, internet search engines, existing Clients and Referral leads are excluded.)
  • Minimum quota / dollar amount of $3K per month required. You will learn how this is easily achievable working 4 hours or less a day.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to work anywhere convenient for you. Schedule  meetings (when required) with potential clients to close sales.  Professional and personal references and the ability to pass a drug test are extremely important. Send resume via email.
  • No phone calls please.

INTERNSHIP: We are passionate professionals and so should you. You must be very responsible,  reliable and detail oriented, trust worthy and have good people skills to thrive in this industry. If interested, describe yourself, your education and experience and state all related experience you have and why you’d like to join us for a non paid internship. Include a link to to your portfolio or demo reel and describe the role you played in each project or production. State what area(s) you want to gain more experience as a non paid Intern. Finally, include three professional and three personal references. All six references must be verifiable. Send your resume via email and Include “Internship” on the subject line.

PROFESSIONALS / JOIN US: This is for the Independent Contractor Professional who would like to partner with us to grow your business, work with us or help you and us with talent, cast, crew and equipment. We usually post casting calls on our website, our social media pages (so follow us using the icon links above)  and Explore Talent to cast models, Actors and TV Professionals.

We usually hire other crew professionals on a temporary, “as needed” ( 1099 contractual) basis for specific video projects and film productions.

You must be a professional Actor, Host, Model, Talent, Video Editor, Camera Operator, Crane & Jib Operator, Lighting Expert, Photographer, Animator, Audio Technician who can score Film, Television Commercial or Corporate production  or Production Assistant to work with our crew and your work must be similar or better that what you see on our website.

If interested email your resume and demo reel, briefly describe your role in each production, include verifiable earnings and professional references to us to be considered. You may be considered as a Talent/Actor on our next casting call, test shoot, or you may be invited to join our crew on the set during production to demonstrate the skills you claim you have. Your professionalism on the set is extremely important. Thank you in advance for your interest in joining us. No phone calls please.


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